Approximately 917 million people speak Mandarin, if you wish to learn a language that one in six people in the world speak, this is the one for you. Mandarin is rapidly becoming a world language and is among five most spoken languages on the planet. Our Mandarin lessons are modeled to teach you some of the most important Chinese (Mandarin) words and phrases. We will try to make your learning Chinese (Mandarin) as easy and interesting as possible.

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The Mandarin you are about to learn here is the official language of China, which is also called Mandarin Chinese. It is different from another popular Chinese language, Cantonese, which is mainly spoken in Guangdong province and Hong Kong. Mandarin Chinese consists of characters/ standard script (你), phonetic script (ni), and tone marks, e.g. (ˇ) 你 (nǐ).

You will encounter such characters everywhere in daily life, such as books, newspapers, road signs, etc. Phonetic scripts and tones, together called Pīnyīn, are used in dictionaries and textbooks to guide learners to learn the pronunciation of the characters.

When compared to other Languages, on a fundamental level the Mandarin grammar is amazingly simple. Good Luck.

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